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Congress Employs Priyanka Gandhi to Lead Campaign Strategy in Rajasthan

The Congress party is replicating its Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh strategy in Rajasthan by appointing Priyanka Gandhi to take a prominent role in the election campaign.

This marks a shift in Priyanka’s role within the Congress, as she will be given more opportunities to address the public than her brother, Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka will hold her third meeting in Rajasthan on Wednesday, unveiling the statue of former Union Minister Shishram Ola in Aradavata (Jhunjhunu) on October 25.

This strategic change is influenced by Priyanka’s successful involvement in the Congress’s campaigns in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka over the past year, where the party emerged victorious. Congress leaders have expressed growing demand for Priyanka’s presence throughout the state, emphasizing her ability to connect directly with the public and her reputation for keeping promises.