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Crude Bomb Explosion Injures Man in West Bengal: Concerns Rise Over Illegal Stockpiling

A man sustained injuries in a crude bomb explosion in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, raising concerns over the illegal stockpiling of explosives. The blast occurred at a house where crude bombs were illegally stored, leading to the owner, Jitendra Gupta, losing his right hand. The injured man was initially taken to a local hospital, but due to the severity of his condition, he was referred to a Kolkata hospital.

Police have launched an investigation to determine who stored the crude bombs and the intended purpose. The incident has heightened tension in the area. West Bengal has faced several blast-related incidents recently, including one on October 6 where five school kids were injured playing with a crude bomb, and one on August 27, when seven people died in a blast at an illegal firecracker factory in Duttapukur.

Another blast on May 16 claimed nine lives at an illegal firecracker factory in Egra, including the factory owner Bhanu Bag.