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Decentralised Waste Processing to Alleviate Civic Issues in North Chennai

Efforts to address public health concerns in north Chennai have gained momentum as plans are underway to halt waste transportation from Koyambedu market to the Kodungaiyur dumpyard. The decision to divert all waste to decentralised processing plants aims to mitigate environmental challenges plaguing Kodungaiyur, including leachate issues and fly infestations.

With over 200 tonnes of waste generated daily from Koyambedu, the move is crucial in curbing the risk of communicable diseases posed by rotting organic matter. Studies by IIT Madras indicate fluctuating waste generation, exacerbated during festivals, underscoring the need for effective waste management strategies. The increased waste influx during festivities amplifies public health risks, necessitating urgent mitigation measures and market-driven waste reduction initiatives.