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Delhi Government Advocates Odd-Even Scheme as Effective Emergency Measure for Air Pollution Control

The Delhi government has informed the Supreme Court that the odd-even scheme serves as an “effective emergency measure” to control air pollution in the national capital. Citing a Traffic Impact Assessment conducted by the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) during November 4-15, 2019, the government stated that the scheme led to a 30% reduction in personal car traffic, with an increase in other modes of transport.

The analysis showed a decrease in fuel consumption, an increase in average road speeds, and a shift of 36% of people from cars to public transport and alternative modes. Opinion surveys indicated that 46% of users wanted the scheme permanently implemented, while 32% suggested implementation during high pollution days.

Additionally, two independent evaluations found reductions in PM 2.5 levels during the odd-even implementations in 2016. The Supreme Court will hear the issue of worsening air quality in Delhi on Friday.