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Dr K.M Cherian felicitated Noble Prize winner Dr. Ada Yonath

Chennai, 19th February 2019: Dr K.M Cherian, Chairman and CEO of Frontier Lifeline Hospital today felicitated Noble Prize winner Dr. Ada Yonath at her visit to Saksin Lifesciences Pvt Ltd and MagGenome technology pvt ltd which is headed by Dr CN Ramchand. Dr Ramchand had long lasting collaboration with AIIMS regarding protein purification’s & crystallisation and is an advisor to Dr Cherian’s nutrigenomics program.

Dr. Ada Yonath, with several of her ground breaking works, especially in the field of Biology and crystallography has been acclaimed for her research with molecular protein factory with brain called as “Ribosome”. She and her team revealed the pathways on how certain antibiotic eradicate pathogenic bacteria by binding to their Ribosomes, thus preventing them from producing crucial antibiotic resistant protein or strain.

The event was attended by several senior scientists from Chennai and other places. Prof Ada and Prof TP Singh also shared their thoughts at the event. Dr KM Cherian, gave a speech on the topic “ARE WE LIVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY”. Dr Cherian and Dr. Ada Yonath share a common link of being Alumni of the University of Alabama, USA.

Talking about the event, Dr KM Cherian said, “It was an honour for me to felicitate Noble Prize winner, Dr. Ada Yonath. Her pioneering work on the structure of the ribosome is remarkable in true sense. People like Dr Yonath are an inspiration to many women who want to excel in this field. I hope she had a good experience in Chennai and would like to wish her all the best for their future endeavours.”

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