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Elderly Man’s Grievance Resolved After Texting Commissioner of Police

In a heartening incident, an elderly man’s distress over a property dispute was swiftly addressed after he sent a text message to the Commissioner of Police. Jhumarlan, 70, of Vadapalani, lodged a complaint through SMS, stating that his son, Prem Sharma, had threatened and caused damage to their property. Promptly responding to the message, the Vadapalani Inspector conducted inquiries and ensured that appropriate action was taken.

This incident highlights the effectiveness of the Police Commissioner’s initiative to address the grievances of senior citizens promptly. Commissioner Sandeep Rai Rathore emphasized that special attention is given to the concerns of elderly citizens, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of their complaints. To further assist senior citizens in emergencies, the police have provided helpline numbers for immediate assistance and support.