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Ethnic Violence in Manipur Leaves 175 Dead and Over a Thousand Injured

Inspector General of Police (Operations) I.K. Muivaa reported that ethnic violence in Manipur has taken a heavy toll, with at least 175 people killed, 1108 others injured, and 32 individuals still missing after four months of unrest in the state. During this period, 4,786 houses were set ablaze, and 386 religious structures were destroyed or vandalized, including 254 churches and 132 temples.

Moreover, a significant number of weapons were looted during the violence, with 1359 firearms and 15,050 types of ammunition recovered. Reports suggest that over 4,000 sophisticated arms and large quantities of ammunition were stolen from police stations and outposts during the ethnic riots. The security situation has led to the removal of security barricades and increased security measures on national highways.

While efforts to restore normalcy continue, the violence stemmed from clashes between non-tribal Meiteis and tribal Kukis over the Meitei community’s demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status, following a ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ in the hill districts.