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EU Frustration Mounts over German Infighting

As Germany grapples with internal discord within its ruling coalition, European Union member states are increasingly frustrated by the spillover effects hindering key EU policy objectives. The rifts within Germany’s coalition government, particularly between the Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats, are viewed as symptomatic of deeper challenges stemming from the nation’s quest for a new economic model post-Ukraine war disruptions. While Germany has played a constructive role in certain EU decisions, such as securing Ukraine aid, disagreements have stymied progress on critical fronts like the Green Deal.

Recent instances, including last-minute reversals on CO2 emissions regulations and objections to labor rights legislation, have eroded trust among EU partners, amplifying concerns over Germany’s reliability as a collaborative partner within the bloc. Despite assertions from German officials, the ongoing internal strife poses significant obstacles to EU cohesion and collective action, amplifying anxieties over the efficacy of EU governance structures amidst growing geopolitical challenges.