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Farmers from Backward Districts of Tamil Nadu Assist in Flood Control

Amidst the looming Northeast monsoon, hundreds of farmers from economically backward districts in Tamil Nadu, such as Cuddalore and Villupuram, have mobilized to Chennai to engage in flood control measures. These areas have been declared as backward districts by the Union government, posing challenges for local farmers. With no agricultural activity during the monsoon season, over 100 farmers from these regions have already arrived in Chennai, covering more than 220 kilometers, to enhance flood preparedness in the city.

Their aim is to assist with disaster mitigation efforts in flood-prone areas. Chennai Corporation Commissioner J.Radhakrishnan has instructed officials to identify areas susceptible to flooding, where the farmers will use their tractors and pumps to address the water issue during heavy rains. These farmers have shown dedication to their role, with some having recently purchased new tractors specifically for flood control work.

They also highlighted the economic challenges they face due to rising diesel prices, underscoring the importance of their livelihoods and the necessity to help fellow citizens during times of need.

Farmers like Bala Murugan from Cuddalore have purchased new tractors for flood control work, as their profits have dwindled due to increasing diesel prices, making it difficult to sustain their livelihoods. These farmers often rely on wages from Chennai Corporation for their services during rainy seasons, and their income depends on the hours they spend balancing out water from the roads.

Some have noted the decline in their agricultural income as well, citing falling prices of crops such as cashews, caused by large-scale imports. Despite these challenges, their commitment to serving fellow citizens during floods and disasters remains unwavering. The farmers have recognized the significance of their service to the community and their crucial role in flood control during the monsoon season.