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Gas Leakage Incident at Gujarat Chemical Factory Hospitalizes 28 Workers

The aftermath of a gas leakage incident at a chemical factory near Jambusar in Gujarat’s Bharuch district on August 23 continues to unfold, with the number of hospitalized workers rising to 28 as ten more individuals were rushed to the hospital. The incident, which occurred due to a fire outbreak in a storage tank at the PI Industries facility in Sarod village, led to the leakage of bromine gas.

The affected workers experienced severe respiratory distress after inhaling the gas. Bharuch Resident Additional Collector N.R. Dhandhal provided insights into the incident, and sub-inspector Vaishali Ahir from the Vedach police station revealed that around 2,000 workers were present on the factory premises during the incident. Immediate evacuation measures were taken to ensure their safety, and those in close proximity to the affected tank were swiftly transported to nearby medical facilities.

The leak has now been contained, and investigations are underway to determine the cause of the gas leak and the subsequent fire outbreak, as well as to assess workplace conditions.