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Greater Chennai Corporation’s Initiative: Gender-Inclusive Design Guidelines for Civic Infrastructure

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is set to pioneer gender-inclusive design guidelines for all civic infrastructure in the city, as part of an initiative by the Gender and Policy Lab. This unique endeavor aims to integrate gender considerations into the design and planning stages of civic projects. The GCC’s Education Department is concurrently fostering gender inclusivity through initiatives like gender clubs, promoting mixed sports among children, and encouraging female students to engage in STEM courses.

The corporation has already undertaken projects such as constructing toilets and lighting infrastructure under the Nirbhaya Funds, with the 1913 helpline allowing women to address specific concerns. The commitment extends to adapting a gender-inclusive disaster response. While acknowledging the need for more resources, officials prioritize schemes like Nirbhaya toilets, lighting, the gender and policy lab, and women-centric bus stops.

The forthcoming guidelines are expected to pave the way for further gender-sensitive schemes in the city, as the GCC emphasizes inclusivity through engagement with civil society, feedback mechanisms, and stakeholder consultations.