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Health Services Resume in Derna, Libya After Deadly Floods

Health Minister Othman Abdul Jalil of Libya’s eastern-based government has announced the resumption of services in six hospitals in Derna, a week after devastating floods hit the eastern part of the country. Jalil mentioned that these hospitals now have access to modern equipment and are providing surgical care. Additionally, measures have been taken to vaccinate local residents, rescuers, and volunteers against diseases to prevent their spread in the aftermath of the floods.

A psychological support committee has been established to assist flood survivors in Derna, which was the hardest-hit city by the recent floods. These floods, triggered by Mediterranean storm Daniel on September 10, are the worst in Libya in decades and have resulted in a significant loss of life and missing persons in the region. Libya remains divided between rival administrations in the east and west after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.