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Indian Air Force Conducts Air-to-Air Refueling for Egyptian Aircraft During Bright Star-23 Exercise

During the ongoing Bright Star-23 exercise in Egypt, the Indian Air Force (IAF) performed air-to-air refueling for Egyptian Air Force MIG and Rafale fighters. This biennial multilateral tri-service exercise, which started on August 27 and continues until September 16, aims to practice planning and executing joint operations.

It involves contingents from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Qatar, and, for the first time, the IAF. The exercise strengthens international relationships and enhances cooperation between participating nations. The IAF’s participation includes MiG-29s, IL-78s, C-130s, and C-17 aircraft, as well as personnel from the Garud Special Forces and various squadrons.

This exercise underscores the deepening cooperation and friendship between India and Egypt, two countries with a history of collaboration in aeronautics and military training.