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Indian Crew to Remain Aboard Ship During Baltimore Bridge Collapse Probe

The crew of 20 Indians and a Sri Lankan aboard the container vessel Dali, involved in the Baltimore bridge collapse, will continue their normal duties on the ship until the investigation concludes. The collision occurred between the vessel and the Francis Scott Key Bridge, prompting a blackout on the ship just before the incident.

While the crew remains cooperative with investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Coast Guard, the duration of their stay onboard depends on the investigation’s timeline. Managed by Grace Ocean Pte Ltd and Synergy Marine Group, the vessel’s crew members have been reported healthy by the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center.

Despite one minor injury, all crew members are safe, with authorities recovering the bodies of two construction workers from the submerged bridge debris. President Joe Biden praised the crew’s swift alert, saving lives by enabling the closure of the bridge before the collision. Efforts are underway to clear debris and reopen shipping routes, as the bridge collapse has significantly impacted Baltimore’s port operations, affecting thousands of jobs and daily trade worth millions of dollars.