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Indian Youth Congress launched a poster campaign against the Modi government over rising inflation.

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Monday launched a poster campaign against the Modi government over rising inflation, petrol, diesel and gas cylinder prices across the country.

The IYC started the poster campaign outside the Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and said such posters will be put up at various places in New Delhi and across the country.

IYC National President, Srinivas B.V. said the burden of inflation is increasing continuously.

“Ever since the elections are over, the people’s bad days have started. The government intoxicated by power is only engaged in doing good to itself and its friends. They do not see the miseries of the people nor are they concerned with their problems.” he added.

The government should understand that repeatedly blaming others for its failure will not work. People’s trust and confidence in the Modi government has completely eroded.

The IYC said that the real reason behind inflation and the rising fuel prices is known to every citizen of the country.

Petrol, diesel and gas prices have started zooming as soon as they were freed from electoral control, it said.

“The people of the country have understood the BJP’s chronology of inflation. The public does not understand that when the price of crude oil has decreased by about 26.42 per cent in the international market, then why the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously in the country. There is no other reason behind the ever-increasing inflation, but the greed of the government,” said Rahul Rao, Youth Congress’s National Media In-charge.