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India’s Solar Mission Aditya-L1 to Reach L1 Point on January 6: ISRO Chairman S Somanath

India’s first solar mission, Aditya-L1, is set to reach its destination, the Lagrangian point (L1), on January 6, according to the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), S Somanath. Launched on September 2, the Aditya-L1 mission is the country’s inaugural space-based observatory designed to study the Sun from a halo orbit at L1, located 1.5 million km from Earth.

Once Aditya-L1 reaches L1, the spacecraft will enter a five-year observation phase, collecting crucial data to enhance the understanding of solar dynamics and their impact on life on Earth. Somanath also highlighted ISRO’s broader plans, including the development of an Indian space station, in alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for technological advancement in the country’s space sector.