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Israel decided to purchase F-35 stealth fighter jets from US

In a significant development, Israel’s Defence Ministry has announced the approval of the purchase of 25 F-35 stealth fighter jets from the United States. The decision reflects Israel’s commitment to bolster its defense capabilities and maintain a qualitative edge in the region. The F-35, known for its advanced stealth technology and superior combat capabilities, is a highly sought-after aircraft in modern warfare.

The procurement of these fighter jets is expected to enhance Israel’s air superiority and strengthen its overall military capabilities. The Defence Ministry’s statement highlighted the importance of this acquisition in ensuring Israel’s security and maintaining its strategic deterrence. The deal further solidifies the close defense partnership between Israel and the United States, underscoring the strong alliance between the two nations.

The purchase of these advanced aircraft is set to contribute to Israel’s military preparedness and serve as a deterrent against potential threats. The delivery and integration of the F-35s into the Israeli Air Force will significantly enhance the country’s defense capabilities and reinforce its commitment to safeguarding its national security.