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Justice Gavai Calls for Reevaluation of Bail System Amid Rising Pendency in Supreme Court

Justice Bhushan R. Gavai of the Supreme Court highlighted a concerning trend of increasing bail pleas reaching the apex court due to refusals in lower courts. He emphasized that bail denials have become commonplace, even in district and high courts, leading to a surge in pending bail matters at the Supreme Court. Justice Gavai questioned the reluctance to grant bail, especially considering cases where individuals spend significant time in jail awaiting trial.

Drawing parallels to the fearless nature of historical figures like Ramshastri Prabhune, he advocated for a reevaluation of the current bail system, urging judges not to hesitate in granting bail where warranted. Additionally, Justice Abhay Oka stressed the need for more family courts to address the growing number of disputes related to marriages, highlighting the importance of prioritizing legal proceedings over rituals within court premises.