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Juvenile Murderer Had Previous Criminal Record and Gang Inspiration

The juvenile involved in the brutal stabbing of a 17-year-old during a street robbery in Delhi had a prior criminal record, having murdered a man along with three others in Jafrabad last year for robbing Rs 100. Although he was sent to a correctional home for a one-year sentence, his three accomplices are still in prison. The juvenile, inspired by the infamous Hashim Baba gang, aimed to create terror in the area.

Disturbing social media posts by the accused showcased his inclination towards violence, displaying knives, firearms, and portraying a criminal image. After the recent stabbing incident, CCTV footage emerged of the juvenile dancing over the victim’s lifeless body, suggesting a macabre celebration of the heinous act. The motive behind the murder was robbery, with the assailant choking and repeatedly stabbing the victim before robbing him of Rs 350 in North-East Delhi’s Welcome area.