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Karnataka Police Arrest Buffalo Theft Suspect After 58 Years

In a rare turn of events, Karnataka Police have apprehended a suspect in connection with a buffalo theft case that occurred 58 years ago in 1965. The accused, identified as Ganapathy Vittal Vagore, was just 20 years old when the case was initially registered. Another accused in the case, Kishan Chandar, passed away on April 11, 2006, resulting in the closure of the case against him.

The complaint was originally filed by Muralidharrao Manikrao Kulkarni of Mehkar, who reported the theft of two buffaloes and one calf. Although both accused individuals, residents of Udagir in Maharashtra were arrested in 1965, they disappeared after obtaining bail and failed to attend court proceedings.

Despite issuing summons and warrants, they remained fugitives. However, a special team recently managed to track down the accused, thanks to efforts to solve long-pending cases.