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Macron Open to Sending Western Troops to Ukraine in Future

French President Emmanuel Macron has signaled that the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine is not off the table, suggesting that while there’s no current consensus, the dynamic situation leaves room for such a move in the future. Macron’s remarks came during a meeting of European leaders in Paris aimed at addressing Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. While details about potential troop deployments were not disclosed, Macron stressed the need for maintaining “strategic ambiguity.”

He urged European leaders to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression, emphasizing the importance of collective security to prevent further Russian offensives and potential attacks on neighboring countries. The meeting also included leaders from Germany, Poland, and the Baltic nations, underscoring the regional concern over Russian expansionism. The urgency to fortify defenses was highlighted, with Estonia’s foreign minister warning that NATO has a limited timeframe to strengthen its capabilities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the gathered leaders to prevent Putin from further aggression and protect Ukraine’s achievements. The presence of U.S. and U.K. representatives at the Paris conference reflects the international concern and commitment to supporting Ukraine amidst uncertainties about future U.S. policy. The recent signing of long-term bilateral agreements between Western powers and Ukraine underscores a concerted effort to demonstrate sustained backing for Kyiv in the face of ongoing conflict.