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Maharashtra Government Enhances Aid for Natural Calamity Victims and Businesses

The Maharashtra government has announced the augmentation of aid for victims affected by natural calamities, floods, and losses to shops, small businesses, and homes during the ongoing monsoon season from June to October. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde informed the Maharashtra Legislature about the current widespread damage to homes, shops, businesses, and properties in various districts, towns, and villages due to the ongoing spell of monsoon.

Presently, families affected by flooding, water submersion, or complete destruction of their homes are eligible for Rs 2,500 assistance for clothing losses and a similar amount for other household items. To provide better support to affected families, the government has decided to double the aid amount to Rs 10,000 per family by relaxing the conditions of the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF). The enhanced assistance will alleviate the financial burden on the affected families and provide them with the necessary resources to recover from the damages caused by the monsoon.

Notably, the current SDRF lacks provisions to extend help to shopkeepers facing losses during floods or other natural calamities. In response to this, the government has introduced measures to aid shopkeepers whose shops are submerged, washed away, or completely damaged, providing financial assistance of up to 75 percent of the losses or a maximum of Rs 50,000. The move aims to support businesses affected by the monsoon’s impact and promote resilience in the face of natural disasters, ensuring better assistance and recovery options for those facing losses.