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Man in Assam surrendered after committing triple murder

A shocking triple murder case unfolded in Golaghat town, Assam, as Najibur Rahman surrendered to the police, confessing to killing his wife and in-laws. The incident left the town’s residents in shock, prompting hundreds of locals to gather outside the police station in protest.

Rahman is accused of murdering his wife, Sanghamitra Ghosh, and her parents, Sanjeev and Junu Ghosh, at their residence in the Hindi School Road locality. The victim’s sister, Ankita, witnessed the horrifying incident through a video call on Monday evening, where Rahman attacked the family with a machete.

Despite Ankita’s immediate alert to neighbors, the three victims had already succumbed to their injuries when help arrived. The motive behind the gruesome act remains unclear, and authorities are investigating the case to ascertain the reasons behind the triple murder.

The community is grieving the loss of the three victims and demanding justice for the heinous crime committed in their neighborhood. The police have taken Rahman into custody and are conducting further investigations to gather evidence and establish a comprehensive understanding of the incident.