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Neglected Stephenson Lane Plagued by Traffic Woes and Dust

Stephenson Lane in Vyasarpadi, connecting Ganeshapuram and Melpatti Ponnappan Street, is grappling with severe deterioration, causing distress to road users. With ongoing construction diverting traffic from Dr. Ambedkar College Road, Stephenson Lane faces increased congestion and wear due to excessive use. Despite recent relaying efforts on Stephenson Road, the adjacent lane remains neglected, exacerbating the bumpy ride for motorists.

Residents and regular commuters express frustration over the delay in repairs, citing hazardous conditions such as sunken manholes and damaged speed breakers. The accumulation of dust poses additional challenges, affecting both residents and shopkeepers along the stretch. While concerns persist, the Greater Chennai Corporation’s attention appears directed elsewhere, prompting calls for urgent action to address the pressing issues plaguing Stephenson Lane.