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NTR District Collector Advises Precautions Against Heatstroke

NTR District Collector S. Dilli Rao has issued a statement urging the public to take preventative measures against heatstroke amidst rising temperatures. Rao emphasized the importance of staying indoors during afternoon hours, especially for vulnerable groups such as children, senior citizens, patients, and pregnant women.

Additionally, he instructed various government departments to raise awareness about sunstroke prevention tips. The district administration plans to establish 60 water kiosks equipped with ORS packets in Vijayawada, with assistance from ANMs and Anganwadi staff. Rao recommended consuming hydrating beverages like buttermilk, juices, and tender coconut water, and using protective measures like umbrellas and caps when outdoors. In case of emergencies, individuals experiencing symptoms of heatstroke should seek immediate medical attention at nearby health centers.