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Petrol price touches Rs 123/litre in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar

Petrol prices in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district rose to Rs 123 per litre on Monday morning, making it the costliest in the country.

The unprecedented hike has impacted over 80 per cent of petrol pumps bringing them on the verge of closure, confirmed petrol pump owners.

In fact, the price of diesel here is Rs 105.31 per litre, which yet remains one of the highest prices in india.

However, in the neighbouring state of Punjab, petrol and diesel are cheaper by Rs 17 and Rs 11 per litre respectively.

Petrol consumers from Rajasthan can be seen making beeline at filling stations of Punjab, while those in Sri Ganganagar have very limited consumers.

In fact, 80 per cent of petrol pumps are on the verge of closure as an impact of this huge difference in fuel costs, said Sri Ganganagar District Petrol Pump Dealers Association District President Ashutosh Gupta. “Our district is selling the country’s costliest petrol. The reason being the depot from this district is over 500 km away and hence one needs to be commute for around 1,100 km which adds extra cost and hence comes this highest price,” he added.

Gupta further said: “I met Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in this regard and asked him if the state government can bring down petrol diesel prices on a par with that of Punjab for three months and review the impact. If positive, we can continue with the model and if not, it shall be dropped.”

The king of the state should give a patient listening to the problems of its men, however, here there is nothing happening in this regard. No one seems to be working in this direction, he added.