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PM Modi: “My Govt. Took Country Out of Darkness Staring at Youngsters”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a virtual gathering of young voters organized by the BJP’s youth wing, asserted that his government pulled the country out of the darkness that loomed over youngsters a decade ago. He emphasized the responsibility of today’s youth in shaping India’s future, urging them to contribute to the nation’s development over the next 25 years.

Taking a swipe at opposition parties, Modi highlighted the youth’s disdain for corruption and nepotism, accusing family-run parties of hindering the progress of emerging leaders. He underscored the transformative changes in the country, shifting from a focus on corruption and scams to celebrating achievements and possibilities across various sectors.

Modi assured the youth that their dreams are his commitment and highlighted the government’s initiatives, such as infrastructure development, digital India, and support for startups, offering limitless opportunities for young Indians.