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PM Modi’s Assertive Pre-Session Address Sets Tone for 18th Lok Sabha

Ahead of the inaugural session of the 18th Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi struck a confident and assertive tone, emphasizing his government’s commitment to inclusive governance and consensus-building. Addressing the media on June 24, PM Modi expressed his determination to unite all factions, despite challenges from an emboldened Opposition and criticism over procedural matters such as the choice of Pro-tem Speaker. He underscored the public’s expectation for substantive debates over rhetoric, calling for diligence and constructive engagement in Parliament.

Reflecting on his alliance’s electoral victory, PM Modi highlighted the mandate as a validation of his administration’s policies and intentions. He commemorated the upcoming anniversary of the Emergency as a “black spot” on India’s democratic history, using the occasion to critique the Congress without naming it. PM Modi’s remarks outlined a proactive agenda aimed at steering India towards progress and achieving national aspirations by 2047, marking the session as pivotal for shaping the country’s future trajectory.