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Political Support for Mammootty Amid Online Harassment

Malayalam superstar Mammootty has found robust support from politicians in Kerala after facing online harassment from certain right-wing sympathizers regarding his movie ‘Puzhu,’ released in 2022. The controversy erupted when social media posts criticized the movie as “anti-Brahmanical,” targeting Mammootty personally.

Kerala Ministers V. Sivankutty and K. Rajan, along with AICC General Secretary K.C. Venugopal, have come out in support of Mammootty, denouncing the online campaign against him. Minister Sivankutty described Mammootty as “Malayalees’ pride,” emphasizing that such propaganda would not succeed in Kerala. Revenue Minister K. Rajan echoed similar sentiments, labeling Mammootty as the “Pride of Kerala and Malayalees” and attributing the campaign to “Sangh Parivar politics.”

AICC General Secretary Venugopal stressed that Kerala’s secular society would not endorse such hateful propaganda and called for the society to support Mammootty against these hate campaigns, emphasizing that Mammootty transcends religion and caste.