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Poonamallee’s Struggle for Modern Amenities

Despite being a significant transport hub connecting various parts of Chennai, Poonamallee, one of the city’s oldest towns, lags in infrastructure and modern amenities. Unlike its counterparts, Avadi and Pallavaram, Poonamallee has not benefitted from its municipal upgrade in 2010. The town lacks essential services such as underground drainage and piped drinking water, forcing residents to rely on untreated borewell water and open stormwater drains for sewage disposal.

The absence of connecting roads to major highways exacerbates traffic congestion. Additionally, most of the land in Poonamallee is classified as ‘grama natham,’ limiting construction and revenue generation. The local MLA, A. Krishnaswamy, is advocating for improvements, including merging with Avadi Corporation and reviving the underground drainage project. With the upcoming Metro Rail extension, residents remain hopeful for long-overdue development and modern amenities.