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PTI’s Opposition Stance and Protest Against Alleged Rigging in Pakistan’s Parliament Elections

In the wake of the February 8 elections in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has opted to sit in the Opposition in Parliament and is gearing up for nationwide protests against what it alleges to be massive rigging. Despite PTI-backed independent candidates dominating the election results, the party claims that numerous seats were unlawfully snatched from them, constituting what they term as the “biggest voter fraud” in the country’s history.

PTI’s decision to join the Opposition ranks comes after its efforts to form the next government failed, leading to the nomination of Umar Ayub Khan for Prime Minister and Aslam Iqbal for Chief Minister of Punjab. The party has issued a white paper outlining the alleged rigging and has called for the resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner. PTI’s core committee has finalized plans for nationwide protests, urging the public to join in against the perceived electoral malpractice.

Furthermore, PTI leadership, including Imran Khan himself, has emphasized their commitment to constitutional and legal avenues to challenge the alleged rigging, rather than seeking political vengeance. Despite the setback, PTI remains resolute in its pursuit of justice and transparency in Pakistan’s electoral processes, seeking to uphold democratic principles and ensure the integrity of future elections.