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Rahul Gandhi Criticizes Systemic Injustice and Economic Disparity

Addressing a gathering in Chhattisgarh’s Surguja district, Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP-led government, alleging that only a select few benefit from the system while the majority suffer from hunger and economic hardship. Gandhi highlighted the pervasive inequality, asserting that raising voices against injustice often leads to punitive actions by enforcement agencies.

He emphasized the prevalence of violence and hatred, attributing it to systemic injustice perpetuated by the ruling establishment. Gandhi questioned the economic returns received by the common citizen compared to the privileged few, highlighting the disproportionate distribution of resources.

He underscored the exclusion of marginalized communities from the system, further exacerbating the socio-economic divide. Gandhi’s remarks underscored the pressing need for justice and equity, as he advocated for systemic reforms to address the plight of the disadvantaged.