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Rethinking Perungudi Eco-Park: Balancing Conservation and Community Concerns

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is reconsidering the design of the proposed eco-park in Perungudi within the Pallikaranai marshland, responding to residents’ demands for flood mitigation priority. Amid protests, the GCC is exploring the feasibility of increasing the water spread area from 25.56% to 100%, potentially altering or even shelving the original plan.

Consultants have been tasked with studying the impact of waste removal on groundwater resources and determining the optimal depth of the waterbody post-clean-up. With public consultation and expert input, the revised design will aim to strike a balance between environmental conservation and community needs.

Despite past challenges and concerns about environmental repercussions, the GCC is committed to advancing the project, aligning with advice from senior government officials to expedite biomining efforts in the area.