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Rising Pollution Takes Toll on Eye Health in Delhi, Say Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists in Delhi are witnessing a significant surge in patients reporting eye problems such as allergy, burning sensations, and itching, attributed to the alarming levels of pollution in the capital. The Air Quality Index (AQI) continues to be in the ‘very poor’ category, currently standing at 324. Dr. Ikeda Lal, a specialist in Cornea and Refractory Surgery at Delhi Eye Centre and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, highlighted a 40% increase in patients seeking treatment for eye-related issues, particularly those with pre-existing dry eyes experiencing exacerbation due to the heightened pollution levels.

Dr. Rajesh Sinha, Professor of Ophthalmology at RP Centre AIIMS, warned that the surge in dry eye and ocular allergy cases could lead to reduced vision if not addressed promptly. Doctors recommend avoiding eye rubbing, using lubricating eye drops, wearing sunglasses, and seeking immediate medical attention to mitigate the impact of pollution on eye health.