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Study Forecasts Growing Water Supply-Demand Gap in Chennai

A study conducted by Anna University and IIT-Madras reveals alarming projections regarding Chennai’s water supply and demand dynamics. Utilizing the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) model, the study predicts a widening gap between water demand and supply, reaching 466 million litres per day (mld) by 2030. Factors such as increasing population, rapid urbanization, and variability in rainfall patterns exacerbate the water deficit issue. By 2040, the gap is anticipated to soar to 717.5 mld, and by 2050, it could reach a substantial 962 mld.

The research, published in the International Water Association’s Journal of Water Infrastructure, underscores the urgency for integrated and resilient water management strategies to address the looming crisis. Led by Professor Ligy Philip of IIT Madras, the study suggests interventions like groundwater recharge, desalination plant expansion, and water use reduction to mitigate the impending water shortage.