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SUV Runs Amok, Damages Eight Two-Wheelers on VIP Road

A dramatic incident occurred on VIP Road as an SUV, driven by a woman, went out of control and wreaked havoc on Tuesday night. The speeding Innova lost control, hit the pavement, and collided with eight parked two-wheelers and a tree before finally coming to a halt. The shocking visuals of the incident went viral on social media, showing the front wheels of the car lifted off the ground.

The SUV was traveling from Rama Talkies towards Siripuram when it ran amok in front of Paradise Hotel. Miraculously, no one was near the two-wheelers at the time of the crash, preventing a potential tragedy. Eyewitnesses reported that the woman driving the SUV left the scene in another car after the accident, leading to suspicions of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Three Town police have registered a case and launched a thorough investigation into the incident.