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Swift Action Urged for Children Showing Breathing Symptoms

Health experts emphasize the importance of quick action when a child exhibits symptoms such as rapid breathing, restlessness, bluish lips, increased heart rate, coughing, and stridor. These signs could indicate pneumonia, asthma, or heart disease, and prompt intervention is vital to prevent complications.

Medical professionals highlight the significance of oxygen therapy for managing hypoxic conditions in children under five years old. Dr. Renu Srivastava Verma, Director General of Medical and Health, stated that the current oxygen infrastructure is robust, ensuring availability, but responsible usage is crucial.

Training doctors and paramedical staff to assess children’s health and administer oxygen therapy appropriately can save lives. Various sources and equipment for oxygen delivery and monitoring were discussed.

Dr. Salman Khan, Head of Pediatrics at Dufferin Hospital, emphasized timely recognition and proper oxygen therapy as key factors in bringing early relief to affected children. Early diagnosis remains crucial for tackling viral hepatitis.