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Tamil Nadu Aims to Generate 25,000 IT Jobs Monthly, says IT Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan

Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Tamil Nadu’s IT and Digital Services Minister expressed the state’s commitment to job creation in the information technology (IT) sector, announcing a goal of generating 25,000 IT jobs per month, up from the current rate of 10,000. Speaking at the CII Connect 2023 event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on ‘Tech for Tomorrow,’ Rajan highlighted the significant growth in IT jobs across Tamil Nadu and emphasized the sector’s vital role in the state’s economic development.

The event also recognized outstanding contributions globally, with awards presented to individuals and organizations. Maran Nagarajan of Kaar Technologies received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and Prasanna Soundara Pandiyan of Vinga Software Solutions was honored for Exemplary Application of Technology in the Private Sector. The Commissioner of Agriculture, L. Subramanian, received the award for Exemplary Application of Technology in the Public Sector, among others.