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Tamil Nadu Government Approves Procurement of Additional Trains for Chennai Metro’s Phase I Lines

In response to the increasing patronage and demand for Chennai Metro Rail services, the Tamil Nadu government has given the green light to purchase 28 six-coach trains for the phase I (including its extension) project. The total cost of acquiring these trains is estimated to be ₹2,820.90 crores, and multilateral funding agencies will provide assistance to meet this expenditure.

The decision comes after Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) conducted a comprehensive study to assess the necessity for more trains on the currently operational 54-km phase I stretch. The study’s findings were submitted to the State government for approval.

The proposal for external funding through multilateral agencies, facilitated by the Government of India, is now being pursued to make this expansion a reality. Currently, CMRL operates 45 trains from 5 a.m. to midnight, running services for 19 hours every day. With the addition of these new trains, the metro network aims to meet the anticipated passenger demand for the year 2028.