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Tamil Nadu Police Monitor Migrant Workers for Drug Smuggling

Tamil Nadu Police have initiated monitoring measures on migrant workers following the arrest of over 10 individuals for their involvement in ganja smuggling activities into the state. Sources from the state’s Narcotics Control Bureau reported that the police had intensified their crackdown on an interstate drug syndicate that utilized migrant workers from North India and the northeastern regions for smuggling operations.

Plain-clothed police personnel are now stationed at major railway stations throughout Tamil Nadu, focusing particularly on migrant workers arriving with large, heavy bags. In the last three months, 13 migrant workers have been apprehended. The smuggled ganja was reportedly exported abroad from coastal areas such as Nagapattinam and Ramanathapuram.

Authorities have also noted an increase in smuggling via coastal towns and country boats to Sri Lanka. To raise awareness of the dangers associated with narcotics smuggling, police are coordinating with agents responsible for bringing in migrant workers and producing informational leaflets in various languages for distribution.