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Telangana CM Launches Fleet of New Emergency Vehicles and Hearse Services

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao of Telangana flagged off a remarkable fleet of 466 brand-new vehicles at People’s Plaza, comprising ‘108’ emergency vehicles, ‘102’ Amma Vodi vehicles, and free hearse vehicles. The inauguration ceremony was followed by deploying these vehicles to all districts, ensuring the distribution of at least one new vehicle under each category with advanced facilities.

The fleet includes 204 ‘108’ ambulances, 228 Amma Vodi transport vehicles, and 34 hearse vehicles, providing specialized services for free transportation of deceased individuals to their native places. Among the existing ‘108’ emergency fleet of 426 vehicles, 175 are being replaced with new ones, and an additional 29 new ambulances are being added to serve new routes, making a total of 455 vehicles in the ‘108’ emergency services.

Additionally, 228 out of 300 existing Amma Vodi vehicles are being replaced with upgraded equipment in the new fleet. Moreover, all 34 old hearse vehicles are being replaced with the same number of new vehicles, enhancing emergency and healthcare services across the state.