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Telangana Governor Urges Long-Term Flood Control Solutions in Warangal District

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan visited the flood-affected areas of the united Warangal district and advised the state government to find lasting solutions for flood control. During her visit, she emphasized the need for proactive measures by mapping all areas, identifying the causes of water stagnation and the severity of floods, and implementing preventive steps.

While acknowledging the efforts of local authorities in rescue missions, she urged them to analyze the root causes of the recurring flood problems and take corrective actions. Governor Soundararajan stressed the importance of long-term solutions to prevent man-made damage due to heavy rains, and she expressed concern for the people of Telangana who face suffering with each occurrence of floods. She called on the government to prioritize finding effective and sustainable flood control measures to protect the citizens from future inundations.