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Traffic Revisions Underway in Nungambakkam as Authorities Address Concerns

Recent traffic changes in Nungambakkam, particularly along Valluvarkottam High Road and the junction of Valluvar Kottam Road and Uthamar Gandhi Salai, have prompted a reevaluation by authorities. Despite posted signage, traffic continues to move contrary to designated directions, leading to a need for adjustments.

Following a dry run conducted on February 11, issues surfaced prompting the traffic police to reassess the planned changes. The Commissioner of Police and the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) have emphasized the importance of ensuring motorists’ convenience without necessitating circuitous routes. As a result, the traffic police team is revising their plan to streamline traffic flow, addressing concerns and making necessary preparations such as road relaying and tree trimming to facilitate smoother transitions. Efforts are underway to refine the proposed changes before their implementation.