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Tragic Death Exposes Brutal Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Italy

The death of Satnam Singh, a 31-year-old Indian farm worker in Italy, has brought to light the severe exploitation faced by migrant laborers in the country’s agricultural sector. Singh tragically lost his life after his arm was severed by machinery on June 17, but instead of receiving immediate medical assistance, he was callously abandoned by his employer, Antonello Lovato, who left him bleeding in a van near his home. This incident, described by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as an “inhuman act,” has sparked outrage across Italy, prompting calls for stringent legal action against Lovato for criminal negligence and manslaughter.

The appalling treatment of Singh underscores deep-rooted issues of gangmastering and exploitation in Italy’s farming industry, where migrant workers, often paid meager wages under precarious conditions, endure significant risks without adequate legal protections. Singh’s tragic death has reignited debates on labor rights and the urgent need for reforms to safeguard the dignity and safety of all workers in Italy, particularly those from vulnerable migrant communities.