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Tragic Fire Claims Nine Lives in Hyderabad Multi-Storied Building

A devastating fire erupted in a multi-storied building in Hyderabad’s Bazar Ghat area, resulting in the loss of nine lives and injuries to several others on Monday. The fire is believed to have originated from chemical drums stored on the ground floor, quickly spreading through the upper levels and trapping occupants. Despite the efforts of four fire tenders, seven residents on the second floor and two on the third succumbed to asphyxiation as thick smoke engulfed the building.

Fire services and Disaster Response Force personnel rescued 21 individuals, with 10 found unconscious. The Director of Fire Safety, Nagi Reddy, pointed to the illegal storage of chemicals used in cooler manufacturing as a likely cause. Preliminary investigations suggest a car repair spark as the initial trigger. While the building may not be classified as a high-rise, officials suspect unauthorized chemical storage.

Minister K. T. Rama Rao announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh for each victim’s family, and political leaders visiting the scene criticized the state government for alleged negligence leading to such incidents.