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Tragic Incident in Kerala: Family of Four Found Dead in Thalavady Home

In a heart-wrenching incident, a family of four, including two children, was discovered dead inside their residence in Thalavady, Kerala’s Alappuzha district. The victims, identified as Sunu, Soumya, Adi, and Adil, were found in distressing circumstances, with the parents hanging and the children covered in a bed sheet on their bed.

Preliminary investigations indicate unnatural deaths, prompting the police to initiate a thorough inquiry. Locals shared that Soumya, a nurse, was undergoing treatment for blood cancer, while Sunu faced spinal issues due to a past accident. Financial constraints stemming from medical expenses may have exacerbated their struggles, leading to this tragic incident.

Family and friends had been called the previous evening, but when there was no response in the morning, Sunu’s mother discovered the distressing scene.