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U.S. Awaits India’s Findings on Pannun Case Amid Bilateral Concerns

The United States, represented by senior official Richard Verma, has expressed ongoing concerns regarding the alleged assassination plot against American national and Khalistani separatist leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. Speaking at a think tank event in Delhi, Verma emphasized the importance of shared values in U.S.-India relations and the need for cooperation on global challenges like the conflict in Ukraine.

Despite the sensitivity of the Pannun case, both sides remain engaged, with the Indian government conducting a high-level investigation into the matter. The Ministry of External Affairs has denied wrongdoing but set up a panel to probe the allegations, demonstrating a commitment to addressing U.S. concerns. Meanwhile, the U.S.

Congress has been vocal about its apprehensions regarding the case, with some lawmakers threatening action against cooperation with India. However, Verma underscored the broader imperative for India and the U.S. to collaborate in resolving global challenges, acknowledging India’s historical ties with Russia while emphasizing shared values of territorial integrity and the rule of law.