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United Naga Council Bars Congress MP and Others from Public Platforms

The United Naga Council (UNC), an apex body representing Nagas in Manipur, has imposed a seven-year ban on Congress MP Alfred Kanngam S. Arthur and two others, S. Kho John and Allyson Abonmai, from participating in public platforms and holding leadership roles within the Naga society. This decision comes in response to their actions during the recent Lok Sabha elections where they contested against the Naga People’s Front (NPF) candidate and allegedly challenged the UNC’s authority and unity among Nagas.

The UNC’s notification, signed by its information and publicity secretary H. James Hau, instructs all constituent units to enforce the ban strictly. The move has stirred controversy, particularly for its perceived omission of Kachui Timothy Zimik, who lost the election to Mr. Arthur. Critics view this decision as a reaction to the NPF’s electoral defeat in Manipur’s Outer Lok Sabha constituency, despite UNC citing a resolution adopted prior to the election as the basis for its action.