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Vegetation Overgrowth Hampers Safety at Anna Nagar East Roundabout

The roundabout near Anna Nagar East, strategically connecting Pulla Avenue, First Main Road, and Link Road, has raised concerns among motorists, particularly those heading from Pulla Avenue into Link Road. The issue lies in obstructed visibility, attributed to the dense vegetation in the traffic gardens, notably on the median of First Main Road.

The overgrowth, including medium-sized trees, limits the clear view for motorists, impacting the roundabout’s effectiveness. To address this, a plea has been made for trimming the ornamental plants, such as frangipani, and relocating young trees. Additionally, suggestions include a broader redesign of the roundabout by incorporating parts of the three medians, potentially enhancing space and improving traffic flow.

Tending to the vegetation in the central traffic garden and on Link Road is also proposed, aiming to benefit motorists navigating from First Main Road into Pulla Avenue. The intersection’s current challenges, stemming from overgrown greenery and potential design limitations, underscore the need for immediate attention to ensure the safety and efficiency of vehicular movement.