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Water Stagnation Woes: Rainwater Woes in Chennai’s Busy Streets Raise Concerns

Rainwater accumulation is causing concerns in several areas of Chennai, with Royapettah police station bus stop and various intersections being notable trouble spots. The lingering rainwater in these areas hampers traffic movement and poses challenges for residents and businesses alike. Royapettah High Road, a narrow stretch prone to sluggish traffic, faces additional woes due to water stagnation after downpours.

Similarly, in Mylapore at the junction of North Mada Street and East Mada Street, and on Kutchery Road near the Buckingham Canal, persistent puddles are affecting residents and businesses, inviting mosquito invasions and hindering traffic flow. Immediate attention and action are required to alleviate these water stagnation issues and ensure smoother movement in these bustling areas.